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The Best weed vaporizer to Buy

Published By: Marco / Published On: 22 Apr, 2021

We have therefore chosen to compile a useful guide to the best weed vaporizers, both for the novice user who is approaching this device for the first time.

More and more people are choosing to consume cannabis through the weed vaporizer, a small and handy device that allows the plant material to be heated, avoiding combustion.

The reason? Very simple, because this solution brings out all the aroma of the good weed, avoiding not only the possible mixing with tobacco, as happens when rolling a joint, but also the formation of substances from the combustion process itself, which are potentially harmful to health, particularly to the respiratory system.

We have therefore chosen to compile a useful guide to the best weed vaporizers, both for the novice user who is approaching this device for the first time, and for the regular user who wants to enjoy the full taste of marijuana without compromise, in order to facilitate a possible choice of purchase.

Weed vaporiser: what it is and why you should use one

A weed vaporizer is a small device, powered by a battery or alternatively plugged into an electrical outlet, which converts the plant material, in this case the cannabis buds, into vapour, preserving all its properties as well as the aroma and active ingredients THC and CBD it contains.

Many vaporizers also allow the vaporization of CBD crystals, CBD oil, legal hashish or weed resin, which differentiates them from classic electronic cigarettes that are intended solely for the use of CBD e-liquids.

Weed vaporizers can generally be used for alternative medical treatments based on medical marijuana as well as for purely recreational purposes. However, the main advantage of using a weed vaporizer, as well as a hashish vaporizer, is the total absence of combustion of the plant material, a process which, as in the case of conventional cigarettes as well as joints, results in the formation of substances that are potentially harmful to the body.

This advantage therefore translates into greater health benefits as well as the possibility of enjoying all the pleasure of marijuana, its pleasant aroma and the effects of its active ingredients, enhanced by simply heating the dried inflorescences.

How a vaporizer works: what's the difference between smoking and vaping hemp

The vaporizer works, as mentioned above, by simply heating the plant matter, allowing the vapour generated by this process and consequently all the active ingredients contained in the cannabis to be inhaled.

The herb is brought to a temperature that coincides with the evaporation point of the active ingredients, without however reaching combustion temperature.

The cannabinoids THC and CBD, as well as the terpenes present in marijuana, are vaporised at around 170°C. However, the combustion process carried out by the joint tends to deteriorate the chemical bonds between organic molecules and carbon atoms, giving rise to so-called 'free radicals', which in turn generate potentially harmful substances.

Suffice it to say that more than 88% of the compounds released in the smoke of a joint are not cannabinoids but compounds that can impair lung function, leading in the long term to bronchitis and in serious cases even cancer.

The main difference between smoking and vaping cannabis is therefore the way in which the active ingredients are released: the herb vaporizer heats the plant material to a temperature that releases only its beneficial compounds, emitting vapour which is more than 95% cannabinoids.

Simply put, if smoking a joint, only 25% of THC is converted, thanks to the herb vaporizer you can benefit from more than 49%: it goes without saying that the effects as well as the aromatic yield will be much more pleasant and powerful, while preserving all the specific characteristics of marijuana.

Why vaping is better than smoking

Vaping weed is therefore the most suitable and healthy option compared to smoking, precisely because there are so many benefits and advantages to using the device.

Almost all substances that are potentially harmful to health are produced by the combustion process, whether it is grass or simple rolling tobacco: however, although the complete healthiness of the vapour has not yet been determined with absolute certainty, it is certainly less harmful than smoking itself, thus avoiding the accumulation of tar and toxins in the lungs.

Among the countless advantages of vaping is the greater efficacy, potency and bioavailability of the cannabinoids taken: if smoking a joint you tend to lose at least 25% of the active ingredients, vaping maximises their availability, doubling the dosage.

The same is true for the aroma, since the emission of vapour enhances the terpene component, making the aromatic yield of the marijuana even more intense and pleasant.

The use of the vaporizer for weed also allows the user to completely customise the strength and therefore the high given by the psychotropic substances contained in it.

For example, if you want a milder high, you can set the device to a lower temperature of about 150°C, while for a more intense high, it is preferable to use average temperatures of around 166-187°C.

If, on the other hand, you want to benefit from maximum power, you can set the herb vaporizer to the highest temperature, but avoid exceeding 229°C, which in fact leads to combustion, reducing the aromas as well as the quantity of active ingredients.

In conclusion, vaping is the best solution if you want to enjoy a healthier, more powerful and aromatic experience.

Top tips on how to vaporize legal cannabis

In order to enjoy a pleasant and satisfying experience, it is certainly useful to take some simple steps to vaporize legal cannabis.

It is therefore essential to use preferably fresh and high quality inflorescences, since vaporisation is based on the moisture level of the plant material, the active ingredients of which are brought to the boil in order to produce vapour: the choice must therefore fall on inflorescences that feel slightly damp to the touch and never too dry, or even worse, wet, in order to guarantee proper heating.

No less important is the use of the weed grinder: grinding the plant material correctly increases the surface area exposed to the air, allowing the heat generated by the device to penetrate into it more easily, thus improving steam production.

Particular care must be taken when setting the temperature: as a general rule, steaming should preferably take place at temperatures between 180°C and 210°C. However, in order to draw up one's own ideal configuration, it is necessary to experiment by making small variations in the moisture level of the inflorescences or the grinding of the inflorescences, factors which can undoubtedly have a significant effect on the quality of the steam emitted.

The insertion of the cannabis into the heating chamber can also vary the vaporization and, consequently, the experience of taking it: just as with the bong and the weed pipe, in the case of the vaporizer, the marijuana should be sufficiently compacted but never excessively constricted, to facilitate the passage of air into the plant matter.

It should also be borne in mind that it is a good rule to pre-heat the vaporizer before use, so that the device itself reaches the set temperature, before introducing the inflorescences inside: this is a small measure that once again improves vapour production, both in terms of quality and quantity.

In order to ensure an intense and invigorating vaporization experience, it is essential to take slow and rather contained puffs: on the other hand, rapid and deep puffs will result in excessive cold air being released into the heating chamber, thus overloading the device and causing it to malfunction.

Once the intake is over, the vaporizer must be thoroughly cleaned, eliminating any cannabis residue, and it must be 'maintained' periodically and when necessary to ensure not only its correct functioning and efficiency but also and above all its longer life, to the detriment of wear and tear.

How to choose the right vaporizer for you

Choosing a marijuana vaporizer can be a difficult task: the market offers different solutions for all budgets, with a wide range of devices. However, it would be preferable to opt for a medium to high end vaporizer to ensure the best performance, efficiency and durability.

The vaporizers offered by the most renowned brands are distinguished not only by their performance but also and above all by their construction materials, which are synonymous with safety and reliability. They are generally designed so that the vapour passes through high-quality materials such as stainless steel, quartz and ceramic, offering at the same time a more intense and satisfying aroma.

On the other hand, inexpensive devices can have synthetic glues and plastics adhering to the heating elements, which can lead to the inhalation of potentially toxic and highly harmful substances.

Apart from the specific model, a distinction must be made between the available vaporizers, selecting the most suitable type according to personal needs. There are small, compact portable vaporizers that can easily be used on the move, as they are battery-operated, as well as the more cumbersome table-top vaporizers that require an electrical power supply but which can only be used in the home.

The choice in this case is purely personal and varies according to the intended use of the vaporizer: before buying, it is however important to check that the device offers a certain flexibility in terms of temperature regulation, allowing you to modify your intake experience according to your taste and thus optimising the assimilation of the active ingredients, as well as being easy to use, clean and maintain.

In this way, cannabis consumption will undoubtedly be an even more enjoyable experience, allowing you to put the joint aside while greatly enhancing its beneficial effects.

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