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CBD Crystals: How To Use Them, Where To Buy Them, How To Make Them

Published By: Marco / Published On: 26 Jan, 2021


Increasingly appreciated by regular cannabis users, CBD crystals appear among the most popular derivatives of hemp sativa. They are obtained from the female inflorescences in exactly the same way as CBD oil, by means of special extraction processes which enable the cannabidiol to be isolated and subsequently purified, without however affecting the purity and typical characteristics of the active ingredient. They take the form of small grains similar to ordinary sugar, opaque white in colour and totally odourless.

The technique for extracting the active ingredient uses state-of-the-art machinery that allows the inflorescences to be treated using Co2, thanks to which the cannabidiol is in no way compromised by the use of chemical or synthetic solvents which, as well as being potentially toxic to both humans and the environment, could also compromise the integrity of the finished product in terms of its efficacy.

Once the active ingredient has been extracted, during the process of isolating the crystal, everything that normally makes up the plant matter is removed: chlorophyll, traces of resins, oils and THC, when it comes to CBD crystals are in fact elements that would compromise its purity. What remains after the purification process and the end of the processing is none other than the CBD molecule or cannabidiol with a very high degree of purity.

This is what makes CBD crystals so popular, as they are among the most effective ways of taking the active ingredient, as well as their ability to deliver more pronounced, strong and significant effects.

This characteristic is determined by the level of purity of the active ingredient, one of the highest commonly found in products derived from hemp sativa, which is around 90 to 99%: this characteristic ensures better assimilation, allowing the body to maximise all the typical effects of CBD, without the need to combine it with other substances. Through this guide, we will learn about all the characteristics of CBD crystals, how to take them and their effects, as well as the manufacturing process that allows the crystallisation of cannabidiol.

CBD Crystals: how to obtain them and what they are used for

CBD crystals are a pure cannabidiol extract with a purity level of around 99%. CBD crystals are a particularly versatile cannabis derivative that can be taken in a wide variety of ways, guaranteeing particularly powerful and marked effects, in spite of the classic joint.

They are obtained after undergoing various processing stages, but always from the highest quality sativa hemp: the first stage of the transformation process involves the initial extraction of a raw essence, which comprises the many components that make up the cannabis plant. Here, of course, CBD is already present, but it is combined with chlorophyll, waxes, terpenes and THC, which are later removed through refining. The resulting compound is a kind of dark-coloured molasses that contains the full spectrum of molecules commonly found in the hemp plant.

The successive stages of refining gradually increase the level of purity of the finished product: it goes without saying that the more the essence is refined, the higher the concentration of CBD will be, thanks to the isolation of the specific molecule from the other volatile components. Once the 80% purity level of the cannabidiol in the extract has been exceeded, the active ingredient begins to solidify, initiating what is known as crystallisation. At this early stage, small crystals similar in shape and colour to grains of sugar are formed. The refining process itself continues until all external traces of CBD are completely eliminated, resulting in a final essence that is up to 99% pure, consisting only of cannabidiol molecules. This is done by means of the so-called 'supercritical extraction' with Co2, which does not involve the addition of any chemical or synthetic substance but simply exploits the high pressure exerted by the gas supply itself. This is a state-of-the-art, clean, selective and environmentally friendly technique that, as well as not requiring high temperatures, is a valid alternative to extraction using organic solvents, which are potentially toxic to both the environment and the human body.

How to use CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility, which leaves plenty of room for customisation when it comes to how they are taken. The main advantages of this type of cannabis derivative include the ability to easily mix the active ingredient into drinks or edible preparations, to apply it topically or to take it simply under the tongue, for example, just like CBD oil. The crystals can also be used in conjunction with the usual smoking products, vaporised or taken through the use of bongs or water pipes to enhance the effects and potential of cannabidiol.

They do not have a strong or bitter taste, making them more palatable than other cannabis products that many users find unpleasant. They do not contain THC, which is why they have no psychoactive or psychotropic effect, and tend to be legal and harmless even in the event of overdose, the only side effect being a marked sense of tranquillity. However, it is always preferable to introduce small amounts of the product and then gradually increase the dosage until the desired action is achieved.

CBD Crystals and Dabbing

Dabbing CBD crystals is undoubtedly the most popular and popular way of taking CBD crystals, which involves melting the concentrate and then inhaling the vapour produced. However, dabbing has one major disadvantage: the need for special equipment, which includes a glass bong, a dabber and, of course, a lighter. It is necessary to heat the dabber until the surface is red-hot, wait 30 to 60 seconds and then place the crystals in the dabber, which can then be melted and inhaled. The effects are almost immediate, guaranteeing the most pleasant taste and a remarkable efficacy closely linked to the active ingredient itself.

Taken by sublingual route

The easiest way to ingest CBD crystals is by taking them sublingually: they should be swallowed after being placed under the tongue, taking care to keep them in the mouth for at least 60 to 90 seconds. Only in this way can the active ingredient quickly enter the circulatory system, maximising the effects of the cannabidiol itself.

Taken by vaporization

Vaporization follows the same principle as dabbing, since this method of consumption provides significant and immediate effects, combined with a more pleasant and intense taste. In this case, it is necessary to use a simple vaporizer, a device specifically designed for the use of concentrates that prefer an alternative to combustion. Simply place the CBD crystal in the combustion chamber, set the appropriate temperature and inhale the vapour produced, just as you would with an electronic cigarette. It is important, however, to avoid excessive temperatures, which could generate benzene and potentially carcinogenic agents, affecting the integrity of the active ingredient.

Added to smoke products

The addition of CBD crystals to traditional smoking products is also a popular way to do this: place a small amount of CBD crystals in a pipe or mix it with the amount of tobacco used to make a joint, roll it up and smoke as usual. In this way, it will be possible to experience the so-called full and typical cannabis effect, since the intake through smoking products allows one to enjoy the broader spectrum of active ingredients generally found in sativa hemp. Of course, smoking is less healthy for the respiratory system than vaping, but it does have the advantage that no equipment or electronic devices are needed, except for papers, tobacco or a very simple glass bong.

Mixed with electronic cigarette e-liquids

CBD crystals can also be mixed and dissolved in e-cigarette e-liquids by adding one or two crystals to the liquid and shaking it vigorously to dissolve the CBD. Although the consumption of e-cigarette liquids is not yet defined as totally safe by accredited sources or supported by authoritative scientific studies and research, the introduction of CBD crystals may not be the most suitable solution in terms of healthiness for the body.

CBD crystals in the preparation of edibles

Just as with cannabis, CBD crystals can be safely infused into coconut oil or butter for use in sweet and savoury baked and non-baked culinary preparations. It is necessary to melt the butter or oil at a very low temperature and then add the product by mixing it until it is completely diluted. Once this operation is complete, the product can be introduced as an ingredient in any recipe. The edibles produced in this way will have a pleasant taste, not at all herbaceous as is usually the case with cannabis, with the only disadvantage that you have to wait at least one to two hours after ingestion to see the effects of the active ingredient.

Integrated hemp or olive oil

The CBD crystals can also be combined with olive, hemp or coconut oil to make a particularly potent CBD oil for sublingual application. Once the chosen oil has been heated in a water bath, the crystals can be melted in the oil and mixed to optimise the combination for at least 10 minutes. The optimal dosage for a 10% CBD oil  is 1,000mg of CBD crystals dissolved in 10ml of oil as preferred.

CBD crystals and mother tincture

As an alternative to the oil used as a carrier, the mother tincture can also be supplemented with CBD crystals and then taken by sublingual application. It is nothing more than a further extract, however, obtained by means of alcoholic solutions, the same ones that constitute the so-called Bach Flowers. Once again, a sufficient quantity of crystals need only be mixed with it to obtain the maximum benefits of cannabidiol when taken orally.

CBD crystals for topical use

A large number of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies have recently introduced CBD-based products  for topical use, such as hemp moisturizing cream, lotions and, lotions and ointments to treat pain and inflammation by applying the active ingredient to the skin. Given the analgesic, antioxidant and pain-relieving properties of cannabidiol, these references tend to be particularly effective in the local treatment of pain. However, it is also possible to make a CBD face or body cream at home by dissolving a few CBD crystals in a moisturiser. This can be done by replacing the cream with shea or cocoa butter and applying it to the area of the body affected by pain.

Where to buy CBD crystals

Finding CBD crystals is not particularly easy, as they are a derivative of cannabis that has the active ingredient highly concentrated and consequently rather expensive, even when compared to the valuable CBD oil. For these reasons, many physical outlets prefer to avoid trading them, and thus the risk of an excessive and potentially  "non-repayable". The web, however, offers many opportunities and there are now many e-commerce shops that have chosen to focus on the efficacy of CBD crystals, a feature that has always been sought after by regular marijuana users, by offering high quality products at much more affordable prices.

CBDMania has a wide selection of high purity CBD crystals (LINK HERE), obtained through supercritical extraction techniques using only Co2, which guarantees the highest quality standards for the final product, using only high quality cannabis sativa plants.

Main effects and benefits of CBD crystals

The effects of taking CBD crystals tend to be the same as those defined by cannabidiol itself .They are therefore effective in the treatment of pain and inflammation of the osteoarticular and muscular systems, migraine and multiple sclerosis symptoms. They help to reduce anxiety, depression, sleep and rest disorders, and to treat post-traumatic stress disorder by promoting relaxation and calmness as well as a good mood. They also reduce feelings of nausea by promoting appetite, which is why they are often widely used in the treatment of major eating disorders such as anorexia.

Taking CBD crystals has many advantages over the main cannabis derivatives available: the very high concentration of active ingredient, ranging from 90 to 99%, a percentage that is difficult to find in cannabis products, makes CBD crystals a favourite among regular cannabis users, a factor second only to the speed with which the active ingredient is able to enter the bloodstream, manifesting the characteristic effects of cannabidiol. Another advantage is the pleasant, almost neutral and never overly herbaceous taste, combined with the versatility with which this product can be used. Last but not least, the consumption of CBD crystals guarantees particularly strong effects due to the high degree of purity, which enhances the typical and proven properties of CBD.

Side effects of CBD crystals

The side effects of taking CBD crystals are the same as those of consuming too much cannabidiol, although not particularly significant in themselves: Numerous scientific studies have shown that the active ingredient is well tolerated by the human body even when used over a long period of time in daily doses of around 1500 mg. 

CBD crystals help to counteract insomnia by creating a state of widespread relaxation. It is therefore inadvisable to drive after taking it or if you are particularly tired, especially in the evening.

Cannabidiol can also significantly lower blood pressure, so it is best to avoid using it if you suffer from hypotension or low blood pressure. Similarly, it is always better not to abuse it in the presence of Parkinson's disease, as the active ingredient may further accentuate tremors.

If one is predisposed to dehydration-related manifestations, it is important to limit the intake of CBD crystals, which may also promote dry mouth: Although this is not a real side effect, it is advisable to replenish fluids after intake by taking enough water to relieve these annoying symptoms. As with any cannabis derivative, common sense as well as awareness is required when it comes to CBD crystals: like any active ingredient, however natural, it must be used judiciously, avoiding any kind of abuse that could be harmful to the body.

How to make CBD crystals at home

Producing CBD crystals at home is feasible, although it requires special equipment and techniques that make it cumbersome and uncertain in terms of results. Therefore, it is always better to focus on commercially available, ready-made CBD products and crystals that are safe, reliable and of high quality, which is difficult to achieve by refining CBD at home.

However, the more 'daring' will need a sufficient quantity of good quality CBD oil, which is clear and refined, a glass container and a so-called 'jacketed apparatus', a device that allows the container to exchange heat and cooling baths for the crystallisation of the active ingredient, together with pentane, a saturated hydrocarbon consisting of 5 carbon atoms.

It is first necessary to ensure that the condenser in the reservoir of the jacketed equipment has reached a temperature of -20°C, and then add 1 part pentane to 3 parts CBD oil in the glass container: the mixing is then activated after the heating bath has been set to 45°C. At this temperature the oil is dissolved and perfectly blended with the pentane. At this temperature the oil will be dissolved and perfectly blended with the pentane. The device will then be set at 5°C, reducing the agitation: this will ensure that the CBD gradually becomes viscous until it solidifies into small crystals, once the temperature of the jacketed equipment, previously set at -10°C, is reached. This procedure is concluded by further rinsing of the crystals obtained, using frozen pentane to remove any impurities.

Handling gases and equipment intended for professional use in a chemical environment is a considerable risk, so it is better to use ready-to-use, perfectly refined CBD crystals that meet the highest quality standards.

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