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Wholesale wholesaler of legal CBD cannabis.

We are professionals who will be able to help you and provide you with the know-how and technology you need to start or incorporate our products into your business!

CBDMania specializes in the production, distribution and marketing of light cannabis with THC below legal limits, with competitive prices and quality products.


The service is aimed at all businesses, commercial agents and VAT holders, owners of marijuana light vending machines who want to offer their customers quality products.

We are specialists with several years in the industry, so much so that we work side by side with growers to make sure we market only the best buds, from which we will get the highest quality products.

Dati Nuovo Accesso


Personalise the essentials and show your attention to detail with customised packaging


Beautiful packaging will enhance your product properly and make it stand out to your customers.

We offer different packaging solutions such as food pouches, canned goods in different sizes and suitable for vending machines. The most suitable hemp bags are without transparent parts and have an aluminium layer, which does not alter THC and CBD levels. We have a wide variety of pouches with these characteristics, both in the stand-up model, equipped with a zip and an oval bottom, as well as spice pouches, which are even smaller in size.

The zip in particular is very useful for the end user, who can reseal the pouch after the first opening.

Are you willing to develop a business idea based on selling products online, but do not want to manage suppliers, goods, inventory and shipping?

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping or dropshipping refers to a sales model whereby a seller sells a product to an end user without physically owning it in their warehouse.

The seller, having made the sale, will transmit the order to the supplier, who in this case is called a 'dropshipper', who will ship the product directly to the end user.

In this way, the seller is only concerned with the advertising of the products, without the associated tasks of packaging and shipping, which are the responsibility of the supplier.

CBDMania offers retailers and e-commerce operators the exclusive and advantageous dropshipping service.

This is a sales system in which a seller offers a product to an end user without having to buy it or shop it in his shop because the products are sent to the end customer directly from our warehouse.

Selling by dropshipping or drop ship is an extremely interesting model for selling online, especially since the Italian market is still not very competitive, but extremely advantageous and full of great opportunities for those who want to start a business without a large initial investment.

All you need to do is have an e-commerce site, make sure it is visible to users, a VAT number and contact us via the form below.

The CBDMania staff will take care of shipping to your customers at a competitive shipping cost.