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Resins and CBD Hashish

Specialists in high quality marijuana and legal cannabis.
The best varieties of CBD Resins and Hashish with Fast Shipping and Anonymous Package

These CBD Resins or Hashish come from the flowers of the cannabis sativa plant, grown using natural methods without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

All our products undergo rigorous testing to maintain and preserve the quality and legality of the product.

Each variety of Hashish is different in taste and aroma, but all have a THC percentage of less than 0.6 percent.

As for the percentage of CBD, there are varieties with about 10% and others as high as 17%.

Hashish is a resin paste made from light cannabis.

Hashish is also called "smoke" and is shaped like a nut, made by processing the resin crystals that form on the edges of the drying plant.

The process occurs with the drying of the inflorescences: these are filtered and the crystals are collected through a sieve. The grains are, then, reduced to a powder, either by hand or with the help of a press to release the oil.

The powder and oil form a firm brown paste that is moldable in shape.

There is much difference between hashish and marijuana: the weed is made up from the dried inflorescences of the hemp plant and not the resin. The process, therefore, requires less work and is more natural.

Legal, good-quality smoke contains no agents foreign to the plant; but there are illegal and less good ones that may contain residues of unhygienic matter such as:

  • Dirt

  • Henna

  • Plastic

  • Animal hair

  • Oil

  • Manure

It is advisable, therefore, if you want to make use of hash to pay close attention to the quality of the product.

Hash, in fact, is a very concentrated compound and, if not selected, contains high amounts of psychoactive substances. THC (delta -9Tetrahydrocanabinol) is present in large amounts, so the effects experienced, compared to marijuana, are significantly different.

The maximum level of THC in the hemp plant can be close to 30 percent; however, sativa hemp is a variety specially selected for its low THC content in favor of a high CBD content.

Hash made from traditional hemp concentrates large amounts of THC, so much so that values can approach 60 percent.

Hash made from sativa hemp, on the other hand, contains THC at minimum levels allowed by law.

For this reason, hash made from the selection of sativa hemp is legal and does not cause impairment from psychotropic effects.

the legal product also contains high levels of CBD, precisely because it is derived from the selection of the sativa marijuana plant.

We donot purchase or market products unless they are accompanied by regular certified laboratorytesting . All products both purchased and produced are tested for CBDA, CBD, Δ9 THC, THCA which result in the final values of THC and CBD.

Cannabis products are derived exclusively from the female marijuana plant.

The treatment that the light hemp plant undergoes allows its buds to be high in cannabidiol, or more commonly CBD, and low in THC.

Marijuana plant species with high cannabidiol content, always keeping in mind the 1:25 ratio of THC to CBD, needs special plant treatments that produce very large buds. While, the THC content, is always kept within the limits to be under the threshold prescribed by the legislature.

Several articles in our blog cover topics on the best qualities of THC-free cannabis . Many researched varieties are described and some of them are featured on our site such as: Big Bud CBD, OG Kush CBD, Strawberry CBD, Blueberry Kush CBD also Charas CBD and many more.

Among the best methods we have CBD resin vaporization. This method satisfies smokers with its vapor and optimizes CBD absorption. The benefits of this cannabinoid are felt more quickly and are more potent when introduced into the body through the respiratory tract.

According to the law, the resin can only be used as a room fragrance or as a product dedicated to collecting.

Despite this, many people wanted to try this compound to learn about its effects, choosing some methods of ingestion such as vaporization.