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What is CBD? Answers to all your questions about CBD

Published By: Antonio / Published On: 16 May, 2022

Cose il cbd

You may have heard of CBD as a product known for health and wellbeing. But why is it such a popular item in wellness stores, beauty products, and even cafeterias?

CBD has become one of the most popular items in health stores because it has so many benefits to offer. That's why we created this guide to find out why there is so much hype about CBD.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol,a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis sativa plants. The cannabis plants family includes hemp and marijuana, but it is hemp that is generally used to produce CBDproducts because of its chemical composition.

Cannabis plants contain over 100 cannabinoids, active compounds that have the ability to interact with the human body. CBD is the most prevalent cannabinoid in hemp because it accounts for the highest percentage of the plant's extract. The CBD is extracted from hemp and processed into various CBDproducts such as capsules, oils, beauty products, edibles, and bath bombs.

CBD gets you high?

People may mistake CBD for a marijuana derivative, even though CBD is found in marijuana. In fact hemp is usually the cannabis plant that is used to create CBD-based products.

The CBD is not found in marijuana.

This is due to the low percentages of THC and the high amounts of CBD present in hemp, while marijuana contains high levels of THC that are prohibited by regulations.

The CBD derived from hemp does not cause intoxicating effects or side effects because THC levels are low.

There are some brands that sell CBD-based products without THC and are ideal for those who live in states whereTHC is illegal or for those who do not wish to have the effects of THC.

Is CBD legal?

The short answer is yes, in fact cannabidiol not being a substance classified as psychotropic is perfectly legal in our country. The market related to the trade of this substance generated from Cannabis sativa is regulated by Legislative Decree 219/2006 (the current legislation on trade in medicines).

In fact, products based on CBD, a substance generated from Cannabis sativa, can be purchased in Italy. Because of unclear and uncertain regulations, regulatory gaps have been created, giving room for different interpretations, which is why there is controversy among retailers and consumers.

We can cite the DM of October 1, 2020 as an example and give an understanding of the situation that has arisen in recent years. In particular, with this decree the Ministry of Health wanted to include CBD among narcotic drugs, going against the scientific research that has been developed in recent years.

Among the noteworthy statements we can mention that of the WHO and the UN to remove CBD from the narcotic table. In addition, the European Court of Justice already in 2019 had expressed its favorable position, with a historic ruling, on the marketing of cannabis-derived products as long as such products contain a limited percentage of THC, thus free of psychoactive effects.

With the DM of October 28, 2020, the Ministry of Health again expressed its position by establishing thatCBD is not a narcotic.

For the rest, there remains regulatory uncertainty about the products, as the law only talks about cultivation and trade of these products, not clearly arguing the practical use.

So, although CBD is not considered a drug or narcotic it is recommended to keep a receipt or invoice to confirm the source.

Will CBD appear in a drug test?

CBD is an active ingredient that contains little or no trace of THC, and should not appear in a drug test.

However, since CBD is a product that is not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administrative, it may not be possible to know for sure whether a CBD product contains the indicated amount of THC.

Some CBD brands may not properly test their products to determine the exact percentage of THC present. That's why we always recommend buying CBD products from brands that make public the results of third-party laboratory tests on each product.

What benefits does CBD have to offer?

Many people are enthusiastic about the benefits that CBD has on health, but what is CBD good for and why does it have these benefits?

The reason CBD has the ability to improve various aspects of health is because CBD works with the body's natural endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is a cellular signaling system that regulates many of the body's functions, including sleep, mood, nerve function, appetite, muscle recovery, and more.

The main function of the ECS is to create and maintain a state of homeostasis, or balance, so that the whole body functions properly. When CBD is introduced into the ECS, it can help boost and stimulate the ECS to work more efficiently.

This is why CBD can help relieve mild discomfort, support mental health, influence appetite, reduce mild anxiety-related sleep disturbances. However, we are talking about mild symptoms that can be improved through the use of CBD.

CBD can also be beneficial for those who experience mild joint or muscle discomfort, as there are cannabinoid receptors in cartilage and muscle tissue. Providing a positive mental state is a benefit that many people enjoy, because CBD can balance the "happy chemicals" in the brain.

CBD can also help people cope with slight symptoms of daily stress due to its balancing effects. These are just a few of the advantages of CBD found in products that are marketed outside the medical field, which is why the percentages of CBD and THC are small and the effects can be traced back to chamomile or valerian.

What should I look for when buying CBD?

Not all CBD is the same, so it is important to look at certain aspects to determine if the CBD content is real before making a purchase.

It is important to buy CBD that indicates the potency in milligrams on the label, this also helps determine how much to take per serving.

It is important to read the ingredient list to make sure there are no unrecognizable ingredients.

CBD products can be full-spectrum or isolate CBD with carrier oils and ingredients, such as vegetable oil, flavorings, and a preservative ingredient.

Check the label or online shop to see if the CBD manufacturer's lab tests CBD before distribution. The CBD lab tests ensure that the product contains accurate amounts of the ingredients, so you can test for purity and safety at the regulatory level. These are just some of the tips for choosing the right CBD products.

What is the best way to take CBD?

There are several ways to take CBD, but the best way depends on the preferences of the person consuming it. The main ways to take CBD are ingestion, inhalation, sublingual use, or topical application.

Eating or ingesting CBD can be done through gummies, capsules, inserting it into drinks or foods using oils.

When CBD is ingested, it may take longer to have the desired effect because it must be absorbed through the digestive tract. While smoke or vapor inhalation of CBD is one of the quickest ways, but the effect may wear off faster and may not be ideal for some people.

The sublingual method of ingesting CBD is not ideal.

The sublingual method is when tinctures of CBD oil or lozenges are placed under the tongue for 30-60 seconds for the CBD to be absorbed through the sublingual gland.

Topical CBD is applied directly to the skin to help treat a specific area. The best way to use CBD depends on the user and the benefits they would like to experience.

CBD oil information

CBD derived from hemp is a popular legal wellness product in Italy. There are many types of CBD products to choose from, the important thing is to choose the reliable brand before any purchase.

The uses and benefits of CBD oil may vary from person to person because everyone's ECS and body is different.

CBD products can be eaten or drunk, smoked or vaporized, applied to the skin or placed under the tongue to enter the body's endocannabinoid system.

The way the system interacts with CBD is why there are so many different health benefits. Now that you know more about CBD, you can decide whether to try using it.

Why choose CBDMania oil

CBDmania offers a wide range of high-quality CBD products made with CBD oil from organic hemp rich in terpenes and all-natural.

Our products are tested in-house and by a third-party laboratory before being sold to ensure that they meet standards of purity and potency. Because we offer a wide variety of CBD products, you are sure to find a product that is right for you.

The content of this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Although research has shown that CBD has the potential to help provide beneficial results for a variety of claims, it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider when you have questions about any medical condition and when starting, increasing, or stopping any health care routine.

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Published By: Antonio
Published On: 16 May, 2022