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High Quality CBD Oil for Sale - Italian Crops

A wide range of proposals of the highest quality

The best varieties of certified legal hemp, sourced from indoor organic cultivation, free of chemicals or synthetic agents potentially harmful to health, carefully selected in order to meet all kinds of needs.

These CBD oils are made in Italy, are free of toxins, preservatives and pesticides.

All products come with an eyedropper so that the oil can be dosed correctly and can be found in various concentrations: 5, 10 , 20 and 30% CBD .

CBD oil is the oil obtained from legal cannabis, a selection containing a low percentage of THC.

It is a natural product with a variable chemical composition depending on the plant from which it is derived or the type of processing it undergoes.

CBD oil should not be confused with Hemp or Cannabis oil, as the latter has a different composition from CBD oil; in fact, the latter contains cannabinoids and terpenes.

(CBD) is contained in high amounts, while the percentage of THC may be very low or absent, depending on the processing.

Cannabis oil, on the other hand, is obtained from the pressing of hemp seeds, so it does not contain cannabinoids, and terpenes.

CBD oil has the same properties as cannabidiol, and the benefits vary depending on the amount present.

The properties of CBD are the subject of many studies, which almost all agree in showing benefits in treating anxiety and stress and improvements in the sleep-wake cycle.

Other tests have shown that cannabidiol acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing pain in people suffering from chronic diseases.

However, it should be kept in mind that studies are still ongoing and there is not enough scientific evidence to attest to the the efficacy of CBD-based products. Therefore, it is advised not to consider CBD oil as a solution to serious or pathological problems.

CBD oil can be taken in two ways:
  • like many homeopathic medicines you can let it sit under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds;

  • can be an excellent seasoning for foods

It is advisable to shake well before use to activate the principles contained; depending on the type of oil and the individual needs of consumers, quantities of drops and intakes vary. Therefore, always refer to the product directions.

There are no contraindications to taking CBD oil, as it is an all-natural and naturally gluten-free product.

CBD is a substance that does not cause side effects or narcotic impairment, so it is a safe product. Filtering in processing ensures theabsence of THC or reduces it to slight traces, which does not impact a person's health.

The storage we recommend is to keep the oil in its original packaging, ensuring the properties remain unchanged for a longer period of time. Also, we recommend storing it in a dry and cool environment, away from hot environments.

What could benefit from this is the lifespan of the CBD oil along with its active ingredients inside.

You should alwaysconsult the advice of your physician or a recognized expert.

The right CBD dosage depends on several variables, such as subjective sensitivity due to age and body weight, the type of symptom you want to relieve, and the concomitance of taking other substances/drugs.

CBD oil exists in many qualities and essences, but there are mainly two types that can be classified: oil with a full spectrum full or broad spectrum (full spectrum) and isolated CBD.

In full spectrum CBD oil, in addition to the beneficial properties of CBD there is also a small amount of THC present, which is below the values mandated by law. Otherwise, the full spectrum oil also contains. many nutrients such as: terpenes, flavonoids and even traces of minerals and vitamins.

Oil with isolated CBD contains no traces of THC because it is made by combining extra virgin olive oil and 99.8 percent pure CBD crystals.

The crystals are dissolved in the oil, ensuring 100 percent safety. CBD crystals, in fact, do not contain THC, but are derived from the crystallization of CBD.

Our products are solely isolated CBD oils, therefore free of other substances, other than CBD and the olive oil. The oils differ differ only in CBD concentration and addition of essences scented such as peppermint and vanilla.

By taking isolated CBD oil, you can enjoy all the benefits of pure CBD, without the risk of taking THC. It is safe and legal and you can take it even before you get behind the wheel, because it does not give you any high.

Our CBD oils are sold in 10-mL vials and can contain the substance in various percentages:

  • 5% -500 mg

  • 10% -1000 mg

  • 20%-2000 mg

  • 30% -3000 mg

Depending on the concentration of CBD you will have greater effects. It is recommended never to exceed the 30% concentration, threshold above which, our shop does not sell the product.

CBD has no contraindications but it is good not to overdo it if you do not know how your body will react.

Depending on one's disorder, certain percentages of CBD intakes; below is a mini-guide to each product.

5 percent is the lowest concentration of CBD; it is especiallyrecommended for those who are approachingCBD for the first time to this substance but want to experience its beneficial effects. This low concentration may intervene in the regulation of sleep and anxiety.

It is starting to be a higher concentration, although it is still a small percentage. It is the one that is used most, especially for chronic pain, muscle tension, rheumatism, and joint pain.

It is especially recommended for those who practice intensive sports.

The 20 percent cannabidiol concentrations are the most widely used by those familiar with the product. In addition to having excellent effects on mood and sleep regulation; it acts very well on chronic pain. This concentration can be used in those cases there is a drug resistance towards certain medicines or allergy. In some cases it is used to treat epilepsy in people who have drug resistance problems.

High concentrations from 30% and up are only recommended for those who have already used CBD products extensively and have diseases that affect the nervous system. In some cases it has been used to treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. However, there is no evidence of its effectiveness.

It is recommended, however, that you always consult your doctor before taking the product.

CBD oil intake should vary according to the concentration of the substance present.

If 5 or 10 percent CBD oil is taken regularly, 2 or 3 drops twice a day is enough, up to a maximum of 10 drops per day; but if you choose oils with a high concentration, even one drop per day may suffice.

Remember not to take CBD oil during pregnancy. Always consult your doctor before using the product.

Usually, for those who have never taken CBD and suffer from disorders mostly related to mood or sleep, it is recommended to take cannabidiol concentrations of no more than 10 percent. This percentage is often contained in CBD oil, although there are products of higher concentrations, up to 30%.

Our shop has several CBD oils at various concentration; the 10% oil is produced with the addition of two flavors different ones: mint and vanilla.

In this case, the standard dose would be between 25-48 mg daily. However, it is always recommended to consider one's age, body weight, and type of disorder: consulting your doctor is the most effective way to get the ideal dosage and solve your problem without experiencing unwanted effects.

CBD oil is proverbially known by virtue of its pronounced pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties , and there are countless physiotherapists and massage therapists who in recent years have chosen to use it to perform massages among the many plant oils and ointments routinely used.

The therapeutic efficacy of this practice of combining CBD oil with massage is now in fact a practice used by the oldest and most authoritative schools specializing in therapeutic massage as well as in the scientific literature. The goal of massage is actually to relieve pain and make muscles less stiff.

The same use of concentrated oils that help relax the body, reducing inflammation, allows it to assist the healing process, while increasing the effectiveness and effects of the treatment.