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Legalized Green: How to Legally Buy Weed Online

Published By: Marco / Published On: 11 Nov, 2020

How to buy weed 0nline

The marijuana legalisation movement took a huge step forward recently. Four US states all voted to legalise marijuana. This continues a trend set in the 2016 election where eight out of the nine states voting on legalisation passed it.

Unfortunately, many nations still have laws against marijuana on the books. Many of those who have legalised only did so recently, so their systems and regulations are either not set up yet, or in a very rudimentary state.

This leaves us with the question of how to buy weed shop online or in stores. We'll answer these questions the best we can in this article.

1. Illegal Websites: Personal Risks

While it may seem tempting to go through online dealers that will ship anywhere, it's best to avoid this. These websites are usually operating outside the law.

Aside from moral concerns, there are also practical downsides to purchasing marijuana illegally. Unalike legal dispensaries, illegal dealers do not have as much oversight.

Their distance and detachment from their clients give them more of an opportunity to defraud their clients. Stories abound of people paying for marijuana from a disreputable source, only end up with no money and no weed.

This means that nothing is stopping the dealers from lacing it with something else. It may seem like bad business, but it has happened before. People have even died from it.

2. Illegal Websites: Legal Risks

There's also the issue of legality. Buying weed online may seem like a harmless action, but it can have very serious consequences.

This is especially true depending on which country you're in. The US has been involved in the War on Drugs since Nixon was in office, and one of the results has been substantially longer prison sentences for drug offences.

Not only that, but if something bad happens, there's almost no way to hold the dealers accountable. Explaining what happened would require you to admit to illegal activity.

Plus, the dealer operated through a website, which keeps them anonymous. You couldn't do anything about it if you were given an opportunity. There's no telling who's on the other end of that website.

The good news is that recognising illegal sites isn't that hard. In most cases, there will be obvious mistakes, like spelling errors or poor website design.

3. Finding Weed Online Legally

The first thing to know about online weed is that legitimate companies won't ship to a place where weed isn't legal. If you find a company that does, it's a dead giveaway that they're not operating above-board.

A legitimate website will only ship to places where it's legal to do so. Unfortunately, cannabis is illegal in the UK, which means that legitimate dispensaries aren't going to deliver there.

What is legal in the UK is CBD, which is a substance that has most of the ingredients of marijuana, but lacks THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, which means that you can't get high from CBD.

Marijuana dispensaries need to be licensed to operate legally, and their licenses or licence numbers are usually posted to their websites.

Sometimes, the best place to check is a local dispensary. There's a chance they deliver, and even if they don't, they likely know of places that do.

4. Where Can You Buy Weed?

The world is a strange place when it comes to marijuana. Many countries have classified it as completely illegal.

Meanwhile, places like the US may have legalised cannabis depending on which state you're in. Finally, there are places like Canada, where recreational use has been legalised throughout the country.

The European Union is no different. Laws differ depending on which country you're in.  A few countries have legalised marijuana, while many have decriminalised. Among the 27 nations that make up the EU, 13 states have decriminalised recreational weed to some extent.

Recreational weed is also very common in many parts of South and Central America. In most of the world, however, marijuana remains a criminal offence.

5. Europe and CBD

If the situation regarding marijuana in Europe is confusing, CBD isn't much better.

Belgium, for instance, has decriminalised recreational marijuana but is still somewhat cautious when it comes to CBD. That being said, they are starting to turn over a new leaf, pardon the pun.

Belgium is getting more progressive when it comes to CBD. Medical marijuana is expanding in the nation, and time will tell where it goes from there.

Portugal decriminalised all drugs in 2001, and it's drastically reduced addiction rates. However, Portugal only allows CBD for medical reasons.

Since CBD is unrestricted in the UK, you should have no trouble ordering it online and getting it delivered to your door.

Even though CBD is legal, it's always best to be careful about what you're buying. In both the US and the UK, CBD is challenging to regulate, which means that it's imperative to get your CBD from a trusted source.

6. Where to Buy CBD

We've discussed what is and isn't allowed quite a bit, but we haven't gone into much detail on which businesses are trustworthy and which aren't. We can offer a few suggestions.

Our favourite company is our own - naturally. CBDmania is a great place to get CBD products, whether you're using them for cosmetic purposes, health purposes, or even for your dog.

Unfortunately, there are still taboos and stigmas attached to weed and CBD alike. That's why we ship discreetly, so nobody has to know you're buying CBD.

We also make sure to follow COVID health guidelines, so buying from us poses no risk of infection. You can even get free shipping on larger orders.

How to Buy Weed Online: A Guide

If you're wondering how to buy weed online, you're not alone. Buying marijuana or even CBD over the internet can be difficult, especially if you happen to reside in one of the countries in the European Union.

We've talked about some of the issues and technicalities in this article, but there's a lot of details you can't cover when you're talking about 27 countries. You might want to do more research into your particular area.

If you want to know more about CBD or want to buy CBD products, please visit our weed shop and feel free to learn more about us if it would help.

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Published By: Marco
Published On: 11 Nov, 2020