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Where to Buy weed online

Published By: Marco / Published On: 01 Mar, 2021

Compare legal weed online is one of the most popular solutions. CBDMania, for example, offer some of the most popular marijuana varieties, which can be purchased in just a few clicks, with complete discretion and privacy.

The cannabis market has recently undergone a dramatic increase. The number of consumers and more or less regular users who place great expectations on recreational cannabis is growing exponentially. Although only a few years ago, marijuana  was the subject of prejudice and taboos, today it is widely revalued thanks to its numerous therapeutic and beneficial properties that go far beyond a simple high. The cannabis consumer is therefore increasingly demanding, wanting high-quality products that promote their well-being, offered at affordable prices, but always within the law.

Buying legal weed online is therefore one of the most popular solutions, as the many e-commerce sites available, such as CBDMania, offer some of the most popular varieties of marijuana, which can be purchased in a few clicks, with complete discretion and privacy. The perception of hemp is changing, and the sector is being renewed in the same way, giving rise to interesting new scenarios. For more than 80 years, hemp has been regarded as a narcotic, which has led to a great deal of confusion. Today, however, it is a useful and extremely versatile resource in many respects: it promotes the economy and the social sphere thanks to the legalisation of cannabis light, it is widely used in the medical and therapeutic spheres and is particularly sustainable from an environmental point of view.

There is also plenty of room for industrial hemp, i.e. legal hemp with a low THC content, which is commonly used for a variety of purposes: from the production of paper, textiles and building materials to biodegradable plastics for use in shipping and electronics. However, the real development in Italy is undoubtedly legal hemp, which is successfully used for therapeutic purposes. In the not too distant future, we hope to see the introduction of Epidiolex, a drug based on pure cannabidiol, which can treat forms of epilepsy that are commonly drug-resistant. This is a very significant step forward and a clear sign of how the field of depotentiated marijuana is rapidly evolving and opening up new and endless possibilities, overcoming prejudices.

Buying legal weed online: Here is a simple, safe and fast way to do it

Buying legal CBD weed online is quite easy, given the massive presence of e-commerce shops that offer high-quality cannabis and weed products at prices that are always quite affordable. Among these is the CBDMania online shop, where shopping is simple, fast and extremely secure. Once you have logged in to the site and registered, you can navigate intuitively through the many categories of cannabis products available: from high CBD cannabis of the most prized and sought-after varieties to CBD oils and CBD e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, CBD crystals, accessories and fertilisers for those involved in cannabis cultivation.

Once you have selected the desired products and quantities, simply place them in the shopping cart and proceed to check-out and payment, which can easily be done via Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, prepaid cards or alternatively cash on delivery. Each order is then processed within 48/72 and delivered in perfectly anonymous packages, in total respect of the privacy of each consumer. A considerable advantage for those who want quality cannabis buy online at competitive prices, delivered quickly to the comfort of their own home.

Is it possible to buy legal weed?

The sale and purchase of legal weed is now possible using both the numerous online e-commerce and physical outlets throughout the country.

In fact, the phenomenon of 'light cannabis' is extremely widespread and is mainly linked to the cultivation and legal sale of so-called 'light marijuana', depotentiated cannabis with a reduced THC or tetracannabidiol content and therefore not considered a narcotic substance. Legal weed is therefore the result of years of study and research in the genetic field, which have led to the creation of varieties of cannabis sativa, depotentiated of the active ingredient responsible for the characteristic psychotropic and psychoactive effects: THC.

CBD and THC: What are the differences?

The active substances commonly found are not all the same: marijuana contains more than 60 cannabinoids, chemical compounds of natural origin, each of which has a different effect on the body. CBD, better known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring substance found in cannabis sativa, the peculiarity of which is that it has no psychoactive or psychotropic effect: it is not addictive and does not cause the characteristic feeling of high and euphoria, but, on the contrary, is particularly suitable for the treatment of many diseases and painful conditions.

This is precisely why there is now a large number of scientific studies and research proving the validity of this active ingredient in treating anxiety, depression,  insomnia, pain caused by autoimmune and degenerative diseases and in treating the main eating disorders as well as lack of appetite and nausea caused by HIV, AIDS and chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. CBD works by simply binding to CB2 receptors in the cells of the immune system, thereby stimulating the healing process. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, on the other hand, is the psychoactive and psychotropic substance par excellence which, by binding to CB1 receptors, causes euphoria by affecting visual, motor and auditory perception, leading to a high and a consequent increase in appetite, known as 'munchies', as well as in some cases leading to relaxation and a distorted perception of space and time. It is precisely the presence of THC in cannabis that has given rise to countless controversies throughout the world from a purely legal point of view.

Medical cannabis: what it is and who it can be used for

Medical marijuana, also known as medicinal cannabis or CM, refers to the medical and therapeutic use of mature, dried female inflorescences of cannabis sativa light. Medicinal cannabis is derived from medical-quality cannabis plants grown without the use of chemical pesticides, always in strict compliance with international standards such as GACP (Good Agricultural and Collecting Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), to ensure total reliability and transparency, satisfying not only the needs of patients, but also those of doctors, pharmacists and regulators, including frequent laboratory tests carried out throughout the production process. Medicinal cannabis originates from the female Indian hemp plant, cannabis sativa, known as Cannabis Flos: of therapeutic interest are the inflorescences, which contain the main active ingredients: THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which has potential effects on the main symptoms of often serious diseases, and CBD, or cannabidiol.

In which countries is cannabis legal?

Buy CBD in Europe and in some non-European countries, the situation is totally different: with the elimination of any kind of prejudice linked to the recreational use of marijuana, in Spain the consumption of marijuana for personal use is often tolerated by the police, although within certain limits: although it is permitted, it is considered a strictly private and personal practice that can only be carried out in one's own home or in specifically designated places.

Dealing is considered a criminal offence. In the Netherlands, recreational marijuana consumption as well as cultivation is illegal, with the exception of consumption in recreational establishments, known as coffeshops. Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland still appear to be extremely strict on recreational marijuana use: no country tolerates free consumption, with the exception of Germany, which supports and approves its therapeutic and medical use. The legalisation of cannabis in non-European countries is certainly less controversial than in Europe, due to a more open mindset that allows local jurisdictions a much greater margin of tolerance. In Australia, the law stipulates that people of legal age have the right to possess up to 50 grams of pot and can grow two plants per person or four per family. Here, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was also officially legalised as of 2016.

In California, the legalisation of marijuana became effective on 1 January 2019. Here, 21-year-olds can freely possess up to 28 grams of pot and grow up to six plants at home. However, consumption in public places remains prohibited. Europe, as well as Italy, therefore appear to be at the bottom of the list and, although we are fortunately moving away from what was once outright prohibitionism, a greater open-mindedness towards legal marijuana could undoubtedly enhance its countless potential, rapidly leading to progress, not only commercial but also and above all therapeutic and curative.

How to know if you are buying good grass

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account in order to recognise good, high-quality weed: among the most important are smell and aroma as well as visual appearance and the characteristic structure of the inflorescence itself. However, the sensations and effects perceived during consumption are not marginal either, for which the quantity of trichomes on the inflorescence, often visible to the naked eye, plays a decisive role.

Trichomes are an important indicator of the true potency of marijuana in terms of euphoria, without neglecting its medical and therapeutic potential. The colour of the inflorescence is also important in defining good quality weed: shades ranging from dull brown to slightly washed-out lime green are generally synonymous with poor quality plant material, and in this case, nature provides a number of visual clues to determine the actual state of maturity and preservation of the weed.

Attention should also be paid to the aroma emanating from the cannabis inflorescences: if grown according to all the criteria necessary to guarantee objective quality, the smell should be pungent and easily identifiable by the typical sweetish, earthy 'skunky' scent, which can easily even resemble diesel, due to the considerable presence of terpenes. If, on the other hand, the buds are not aromatic and the smell tends to be even vaguely hay-like, then we are almost certainly dealing with marijuana that has not been grown properly or has been poorly preserved.

Last but certainly not least, the appearance of the buds: good quality marijuana has dense, compact buds with no gaps or thinning. Weed that is crumbled or otherwise broken up generally implies poor quality, second-rate cannabis. CBDMania, which has always been synonymous with quality, safety and reliability, has at its disposal some of the finest marijuana varieties, grown in Italy without the use of pesticides or chemical additives and constantly subjected to laboratory tests which confirm that they meet the highest quality standards. Several marijuana varieties are available in our online weed shop.

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