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The Sensimilla: the complete guide

Published By: Marco / Published On: 14 Jun, 2021


Most regular cannabis users who choose to start their own indoor cannabis sativa cultivation prefer to focus on producing high-quality buds, either for their own consumption or for their friends.

In this case, particularly experienced growers, those who can be called 'true connoisseurs', do not want the buds to have seeds, as this has a significant negative effect on the quality of the weed, affecting its potency as well as its taste, whether rolling a joint or vaping.

Poor-quality plant material is not only unpleasant to smell and to use, but can also lead to unpleasant side effects, which can be manifested in intense headaches.

However, to prevent this problem, by preventing the formation of seeds by the plants, it is simply necessary to remove from your cultivation the male specimens, which are responsible for pollinating the female plants: it is precisely the female plants that should be preserved and maintained, since they are able to produce buds rich in resin, with an intense taste and particularly pleasant and beneficial effects for both body and mind.

We are talking about sensimilla, an herb obtained from only female specimens that are completely seedless. Here is a complete guide explaining in detail what it is, how it is obtained and what effects sensimilla can produce.

What is sensimilla

Even the most experienced cannabis growers often tend to look 'bewildered' when confronted with the term 'sensimilla'.

Even the most experienced cannabis growers often tend to look 'bewildered' when confronted with the term 'sensimilla'. Confusion is rife as some tend to describe it simply as inflorescences that have been deprived of their seeds through special care and attention to the plants, while others claim that sensimilla represents an extremely potent pure strain of marijuana from Amsterdam and South America.

In fact, the most concrete theory does not consider sensimilla to be a specific strain of marijuana, quite the contrary. This Spanish-derived term originates from the words 'sin' (without) and 'semilla' (seeds), literally 'without seeds'.

This expression has been associated with seedless cannabis flowers since at least the 1970s, thus extolling their high quality and significantly more intense effects than seed-rich varieties with correspondingly low yields.

This line of thought has a solid basis in support, since the produce flowers by female cannabis plants which are denied pollination by the male specimens produce much higher amounts of resin, with higher concentrations of the cannabinoids THC content and CBD: this occurs due to (or because of) a particular mechanism triggered by the female plant itself which, deprived of the male specimen and not regularly fertilised, produces resin in order to 'preserve' its fertility while waiting for pollination.

Many claim that the best sensimilla marijuana is the plant material where the cutting of the inflorescences, as well as the drying of the inflorescences, is done with great care in order to guarantee an absolutely unique appearance, aroma and taste. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that for decades there has been a relentless international search among regular users for the best sensimilla, a search that continues to this day.

However, such quality plant material does not appear to be that rare. Advanced and experienced growers find it easy to secure all-female cannabis crops grown in controlled greenhouses, with the help of state-of-the-art hydroponic techniques and the possibility of using only female clones or feminized seeds. An indoor environment is ideal for growing sinsemilla which, if plants grown outdoors, may be inadvertently pollinated by male plants which may grow wild.

How you get sensimilla

As with many other species in the plant kingdom, cannabis can be monoecious or dioecious, i.e. have both sexes, male and female, in the same plant or alternatively develop one or the other individually. Marijuana inflorescences only originate from female plants that have not been pollinated, and are therefore grown in isolation from the male plants.

This is the most important factor in obtaining excellent sensimilla, a plant material that is completely seedless.

Distinguishing between a female and a male plant is therefore essential, although it is not particularly easy, at least in the eyes of a beginner: this is because during the development phases, starting with the vegetative phase, male and female hemp sativa plants are almost identical. This is because during the development phase, beginning with the vegetative phase, the male and female hemp sativa plants are almost identical.

At the same time as the hours of light are reduced, either artificially or during the summer, the plants enter the pre-flowering phase and it is here that the differences are most noticeable: the male plants pre-flower about a couple of weeks before the female marijuana plants, producing clusters of small yellow-green buds containing stamens, which in turn contain small pollen sacs.

Once mature, these buds, unlike the female inflorescences, are not spontaneously led to flowering but, on the contrary, release pollen directed at the receptor organs of the female plants, in order to carry out pollination.

The behaviour of the female plants is different: they produce buds with small filaments called trichomes at the ends. These are the receptors through which the plant captures the pollen produced by the male plants.

It is here that, if we wish to produce sensimilla, it is essential to isolate the male plants by uprooting them, leaving space only for the female plants which, in this way, cannot be pollinated and do not produce any seeds.

During the ripening phase of the inflorescence, the bud located below the trichomes, not having been pollinated, will tend to swell spontaneously, assuming a characteristic calyx shape and producing a considerable quantity of sticky resin.

This is a sort of spontaneous mechanism that allows the plant to "stall" in order to be pollinated, although this action will obviously never take place. The abundant layer of resin, where the active cannabis ingredients such as THC and CBD are most concentrated, makes sensimilla a particularly valuable and sought-after plant material that has always been appreciated by discerning cannabis users.

Is it true that the effects of sensimilla are more powerful?

Many people wonder whether sensimilla really does offer highly potent and pronounced psychotropic effects than the traditional herb that may have seeds. To speak of 'more potent' effects is not really correct, since sensimilla is not a different types of weed but simply a specificity linked to the quality of the plant material, given the exclusive cultivation of female plants.

In fact, the effects of sensimilla are no more potent since the concentrations of cannabinoids are the same as those of the marijuana variety chosen for cultivation.

However, the abundance of cannabis resin makes the inflorescences certainly more pleasant and appreciable from an olfactory point of view, more pleasant to the taste and more 'practical' to use, since the plant material does not need to be treated or handled excessively in order to remove any seeds that may be present, which are responsible for unpleasant smells and indicate poor purity and quality.

Generally speaking, if you want to enjoy top-quality marijuana with a high cannabinoid concentration, it is best to cultivate high-quality, potent marijuana strains such as Super Skunk, Lemon Haze and Amnesia Haze using feminized seeds that guarantee exclusive female plants. This avoids the problem of having to identify and remove male plants quickly before pollination takes place.

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Published On: 14 Jun, 2021

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