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CBD in Crystals 99% Pure
Lot N° WCR2101

CBD in Crystals 99% Pure

Lot N° WCR2101
Category: CBD Extracts
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CBD in Crystals | 99% Pure | 100% Natural

Our CBD crystals are obtained using extraction and purification technologies that respect the plant's phytochemical profile and allow a high concentration of cannabidiol (CBD)(THC Free).

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The purest and most concentrated form among CBD extracts

Our CBD crystals possess a purity of 99.8 percent; to achieve this purity, the cannabidiol is isolated, extracted, and then purified to obtain CBD crystals that are in the form of white, odorless grains. All raw material used to obtain CBD crystals is derived from organic, non-GMO farming and sourced solely from Europe.
Each production batch is accompanied by an analytical certification of its composition.

How CBD crystals are extracted

To obtain the most potent and pure CBD possible, our CBD crystals are obtained using extraction and purification technologies that respect the plant's phytochemical profile and allow ahigh concentration of cannabidiols (CBD)(THC Free).

Benefits of CBD Crystals

Our CBD crystals are designed to support a healthy lifestyle by allowing you to easily manage daily stress, improving sleep quality, and facilitating faster recovery after exercise. For people unfamiliar with the world of CBD, isolated CBD crystals provide a great place to start. They contain no THC and can be dosed more accurately, which means everyone can enjoy the health and wellness benefits of CBD.


How to use CBD crystals

CBD crystals can be used added to edible compounds or dissolved in liquids. CBD crystals are one of the most versatile forms of cannabidiol suitable for multiple uses.

Data Sheet
  • CBD content: 99%
  • THC content: <0%
  • Quality: Alta
  • Type of Cultivation: Indoor
Frequently Asked Questions

CBD crystals look similar to sugar crystals and contain cannabidiol in purity, 99.8 percent.

This substance is the most important of those contained in the hemp sativa plant. The reason is because of the numerous benefits it brings to the body; in particular, it acts on the limbic system, generating a feeling of relaxation and tranquility even in people who suffer from mild mood disorders.

CBD crystals are not addictive and do not cause any psychotropic effects since, they are the proceeds of the isolation and extraction of pure cannabidiol and do not contain THC.

After being isolated, cannabidiol is extracted and then purified to remove any plant residues.

Our CBD crystals are obtained by processes of extraction and purification that respects the phytochemical profile of the plant, allowing for thehigh concentration of CBD. CBD crystals are naturally free of THC.

The machinery used to achieve the processes of extraction works with theuse of CO2; while no any solvent harmful to humans or the environment.

The second stage of production is the processing of CBD, which which is purified of residual unwanted plant matter such as oils, chlorophyll, and traces of THC. The ultimate goal of processing is obtain the pure CBD molecule and reduce it to crystalline form.

With a kitchen scale, you can easily measure CBD concentrate. Since the weight of crystals equals the CBD content, if for example, one gram of CBD crystals typically contains more than 990 milligrams of CBD.

This means that for one milligram of powder, you get one milligram of CBD. This makes it easier than ever to measure accurately and know exactly how much CBD you are taking in.

CBD crystals are taken orally, can be added to foods or dissolved in beverages.

The benefits to be derived from the use of CBD crystals are many, so they can be used for a variety of reasons.

The dosage is not universal for everyone; it is strictly personal, so it varies depending on the state of health, the metabolism or weight.

Since it is pure CBD, it has no contraindications or side effects, but taking disproportionate or insufficient doses could lead to not getting the desired results.

The best way to take CBD crystals is progressive dosing.

Scientific recommendations should be followed: Studies recommend starting with small doses of 5 to 25 mg per day, which will be increased little by little.

The most recommended daily dose in studies is 10 mg; the amount can also be taken by multiple doses daily. This practice is recommended, especially for those who have not have ever used 99.8% CBD crystals.

Usually the effects occur within 3 to 4 hours.