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What Is Charas And How Is It Made?

Published By: Marco / Published On: 27 Nov, 2020


The world is embracing cannabis concentrates. Consumers are now discovering new types of extracts which open up brand new ways to consume their recreational and medicinal cannabis. They are new to some cultures, while ancient for others. Charas' history goes back to ancient times.

Maybe you're familiar with the cannabis concentrate known as hash (or hashish), made popular by Arabic cultures. Charas is a form of hash that proudly stands on its own. This is because of one simple, yet powerful difference.

In this article, we'll learn about what charas is, how it's made, and how it's smoked using both traditional and modern techniques, along with some differences between charas and hashish. We'll explore its effects as well. Read onward to enter the world of charas.

What Is the Difference Between Charas and Hashish?

The main difference between charas and hashish is that charas is produced by using live cannabis plants, while hashish is produced using cut, or dead, cannabis plants. Because the plants used to make charas are alive, the result is more aromatic, and the effect is smoother and less intense than modern cannabis extracts.

Charas is full of aromatic and flavourful terpenes because the genetics of the cannabis from which it's made are hearty and resiliant; they've been naturally refined due to their competition with other wild strains.

While hemp itself has an interesting past, charas is also sacred to many around the world, especially in the Indian Subcontinent and Jamaica. In these places, the growing conditions are perfect for growing strains to make charas.

The Best Strain of Charas in the World

The Best Strain of Charas in the World

The best strain of charas in the entire world lies in the ancient, laid-back village of Malana, located in the Kullu valley of India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. This valley is nestled between the Lower and Great Himalyan mountain ranges. This area is home to the best charas in the world, which is made from the THC-, and oil-rich, high-quality cannabis strain called Malana Cream.

As you take a walk through the Kullu village you can smell Malana Cream's bold, intense aromas gently wafting over from outdoor cafes and open windows. You're invited to try some. Its smoke fills your mouth with the richest cannabis flavours, your lungs with warm smoke, and your mind with deep, happy thoughts. Another high-quality charas strain to look for is Idukki Gold.

How Is Charas Made?



Malana Cream has turned into a major cash crop, and its reputation beckons hash connoisseurs from around the world. Its other interesting characteristics include its unusually sticky consistency, its complex aromas, and its heady, cerebral high. The plants grow vigorously, and the shape is lanky, and its flowers give off a sweet smell.

While you join someone making traditional charas in India, you see them rub one live plant after another between their hands, from the bottom to the top. You begin rubbing the cannabis plants in the same way, learning the proper technique. The many trichomes stick to your hands. You and the charas maker avoid the large fan leaves in order to let the plant survive.

The natural scents given off by the oils and resin on your hands is a combination of aromas produced by a variety of strains in the cannabis-covered field. You find it to be a rich sensory experience.

You and the local chara maker will have thin layers of sticky, brown resin on your hands, which is essentially composed of trichomes. You rub from your hands onto paper. Then you work carefully to form it into small balls and sticks.

At Home

Firstly, make sure your government allows the home production of hash. Then follow these instructions:

To make your own homemade charas, wash your hands with organic, scent-free soap. Then, pick buds from plants that are about 2-3 weeks away from full maturity. Gently roll the buds between your hands. The resin will collect on your hands. When you're satisfied with the amount, work to remove the sticky residue and form it in whatever shape you desire.

Today's concentrates typically have a higher THC content than traditional charas, because they are made using extraction. According to, hash can be as low as 1% up to 26% or more, THC. The average hash today is usually 3% to 8% THC. Ask your budtender for a strain that is great for making hash. Remember, it's more potent than marijuana.

How Is Charas Traditionally Smoked?

Traditionally, people smoked charas out of a chillum, which is a type of pipe used by Hindu monks, otherwise known as sadhus. Historically, cannabis, and charas in particular, has been used as a major component of rituals surrounding Hindu religion and spirituality.

There is a sect in India that dedicate themselves to worshipping Lord Shiva. The members of this sect are called the Shaivs. When taking part in religious rituals, they often begin with a chant. Following the chant, they smoke charas out of a chillum to worship their Lord.

Other Ways to Smoke Charas

Inside a Joint or Blunt

Take your stick-shaped charas (or roll your ball into a stick) and place it on a bed of tobacco and/or dried and cured cannabis flower in a joint or blunt (emptied cigar). The dried plant matter will allow for a slow burn, and therefore less smoke will be wasted.

Sprinkle It onto a Bowl/Pipe of Marijuana

Place it into a spoon. Heat it up a little with a lighter underneath. This makes it easier to work with. Then crumble your charas and sprinkle it into your bowl of marijuana.

Alone in a Pipe

After using the same warming method as above, you can simply place a ball of charas into a pipe and smoke it that way.


You can dab your charas in a "dab rig", which is essentially an adapted water bong.


Charas can also be vaped using a special contraption called a "vape pen".


If you're going for a smooth type of hash to consume in a chill, social setting, charas is perfect. if you want to go straight to the moon, you'll need to look for a stronger concentrate. Nonetheless, charas and hashish are both wonderful.

The aromas and effects of charas will connect you to its rich history. And when you consume it in parts of the world where the conditions are unreplicable, and where it has been perfected over thousands of years, you will feel its sanctity seep into the smoke, and into your souls.

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What is CBD Charas?

Legal Charas hash is undoubtedly one of the most prized hash products in the world! Enthusiasts consider it a true delicacy, even in the panorama of legal and cannabis light hash. It is such an exceptional and coveted hash because of its very special and different processing method. 

Compared to the more common Moroccan hashes, the resins are extracted from the living plant by literally scraping the pollen off the fresh flowers still attached to the buds, rather than by beating the dried buds. 

This process makes Charas CBD softer and more malleable than other common hashes and gives it a much more pungent, fresh and grassy smell.
The extraction methods used allow only a few quantities of hash to be made at a time, making it an even rarer and more valuable light cannabis hash!


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