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Ice Rock CBD
Lot N° 280922

Ice Rock CBD

Lot N° 280922
as of €7.00 /gr

CBDMania's IceRock, sourced from organic and eco-responsible cultivation, offers a high CBD concentration because it is covered with CBD crystals scattered all over the surface.

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IceRock is one of our products that belongs to the best Light Sativa hemp inflorescences on the market.

It is precisely because of its characteristics that it is among the most popular products, due in part to CBD's recognized beneficial properties.


It is hard not to notice it: its pure white appearance stands out immediately and is given by the white color of the CBD crystals. Its curious name comes from the fact that it resembles a snowy mountain with cannabidiol flakes.

The CBD IceRock flower looks like a smooth pebble with a slightly greenish white coating. This pebble is actually a very compact inflorescence that has been dipped inCBD oil and then later rolled into the isolate, which is CBD crystals.

Therefore, IceRock has a very high CBD content while the THC percentages are within the limits set by law.


Thelegal cannabis from which the small rocks are made, contrary to what you might think, is rich in flavor due to the terpenes as it is dried and stored under the best conditions. Its transformation process does not change the characteristics of the flower.

It comes with small to medium snow-white buds and a heady, inviting and light aroma.

This aroma is unique and is loved by all who have tried it. IceRock features a pronounced and even strong flavor due to its specific preparation compared to other products such as light cannabis.


Its high CBD content provides an incredibly relaxing sensation, allowing all muscles to relax instantly, making way for both physical and mental relaxation.


CBDMania's IceRock is derived from indoor cultivation to optimize its growth under the best conditions, with a THC level of less than 0.2% for legal consumption without moderation.

How to obtain it

To obtain this product, flowers must be soaked inCBD oil and then sprinkled with pure CBD crystals, also called isolates. This produces a white crystallization that gives it an appearance similar to that of an ice rock.

This technique makes it possible to obtain a product with a very high Cannabidiol content, so much so that the CBD rate can be as high as 90 percent, with a legally compliant THC rate of 0.2 percent.

Data Sheet
  • CBD content: 52%
  • THC content: <0.1%
  • Perfume: LemonPine
  • Genetics: Fedora 17
  • Quality: Alta
  • Type of Cultivation: Indoor
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