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Orange bud: what it is, what effects it has, how to grow it

Published By: Marco / Published On: 23 Feb, 2021

Orange Bud is one of the representatives of the 'old school hemp sativa'. Its intense flavour is dominated by the aftertaste it shares with the Indica cannabis family.

Orange Bud is a marijuana strain that is considered one of the cornerstones of the legal cannabis scene. The high quality of this well-known hemp sativa genetics is due to a high concentration of CBD, which makes it particularly appreciated by those who prefer to enjoy the effects of this active ingredient. Its roots go back to the 1980s, when it was created by hybridising two Skunk strains.

Today, Orange Bud is undoubtedly one of the representatives of the 'old school of hemp sativa'. Apart from its origins, one of its strong points is its characteristic intense flavour, where the aftertaste which it shares with the Indica cannabis family prevails. The same intensity can easily be found in the fragrance and aroma, both of which make Orange Bud very similar to the generally THC - rich genetics. Her dense, compact inflorescences are usually large and fairly light in colour, and are always characterised by the high presence of orange pistils from which she gets her name.

The taste is also very delicate and fresh, typically citrusy, but partly reminiscent of tropical fruit. Appreciated by regular users as well as by those who only occasionally use cannabis, it is particularly suitable for those who prefer fresh and fruity scents, without, however, overshadowing the character of a strong and 'important' high (perception of the potency of the herb at a cerebral level). In this guide, all the characteristics and properties that have contributed to its popularity are explained.

Characteristics of the Orange Bud variety

The award winning Orange Bud marijuana strain has been around for decades. Developed in the 80's by Dutch Passion, before the advent of many modern refined genetics, Orange Bud is the best choice if you want the authentic taste of an exceptional Skunk. This is a sativa-dominant strain that from the start has been able to surprise and amaze even the most difficult and demanding of growers. But what is the secret that has made Orange Bud unique? The perfect mix of Afghani Indica, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold genetics have combined to create an original hybrid that is highly prized by California's old-school smokers.

As its name reveals, the Orange Bud cannabis strain is distinguished mainly by its distinctive citrus fragrance, although the aromas and flavours tend to vary depending on the phenotype, from orange to nectarine. Her effects are generally cerebral, as is typical of Skunk, making her ideal for those who want a real rush of intoxicating energy and vitality, perhaps before exercising. However, it is also noted for its strong ability to stimulate creativity, making it suitable for artists of all levels. The THC concentration is fairly high at around 16.5%, resulting in a pleasant, quick and immediate high.

The aromas emanating from Orange Bud are absolutely amazing: a perfect balance of nectar, lemon and orange generates a great pleasure for the taste buds, after all, the fame of Skunk genetics, known for their intense and strong aromas, is undeniable. The citrus notes are dominant, making this type of weed particularly suitable for the preparation of marijuana butter for use in edibles and tasty marijuana recipes.

Not to be underestimated is the yield of the plants, which is usually quite high thanks to the heavy, compact inflorescences with bright orange pistils. However, it is important during cultivation to provide the buds with adequate air circulation to minimise the risk of mould, which would inevitably affect the quality of the harvest. The flowering period lasts about 7 weeks, a feature inherited from the Afghani genetics. Orange Bud plants can reach a medium size and react particularly well to ScrOG or SOG techniques.

The effects of Orange Bud

The effects of taking Orange Bud are manifold: they range from an initial perception of euphoria, well-being and happiness, to a real state of pleasant and liberating mental lightness, which promotes creativity and inspiration. Also noteworthy is the feeling of energy and positive energy that allows you to face all kinds of daily activities with greater optimism.

Orange Bud is therefore suitable for reducing stress, alleviating fatigue and curbing problems related to insomnia, anxiety and depression, which it successfully reduces thanks to its high concentration of CBD. Side effects are rare and tend to occur when the drug is abused, ranging from dry mouth and eyes to dizziness, headaches and paranoia. However, these unpleasant manifestations tend to resolve quickly without the need for any pharmacological intervention.

Legal cannabis strain Orange Bud

The Orange Bud cannabis strain, just as it was in the '80s, now boasts a multitude of admirers and stoners worldwide. The literal worldwide success of this international award-winning strain is in fact due not only to the high quality of the Skunks used in the hybridisation, but also and above all to its distinctive aroma, which has won over even the most discerning users at first taste. However, to be legal, it must meet specific requirements. As with any other strain, Orange Bud light cannabis, which is de facto depotentiated, must meet a number of parameters imposed by Law.

This law allows the marketing, and therefore the purchase, of hemp-based products only if they have a reduced content of THC or Tetracannabidiol, a psychotropic and psychoactive active ingredient with a de facto drugging effect. The relative concentration must necessarily be a maximum of 0.2% or, in any case, must always be lower than the imposed tolerance limit of 0.6%. There is no limit imposed on the concentration of CBD, an active ingredient which only offers relaxing and soothing effects, without altering perception in any way. Buying Orange Bud online is quite common. Retailers such as CBDMania have the best varieties of weed CBD from controlled organic cultivation, which meet the highest quality standards of the market.

How to grow Orange Bud

Growing Orange Bud is fairly straightforward regardless of the grower's level of training. It can be grown indoors, even in small spaces, or outdoors, with an average flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks, and generally the buds can be harvested after 54 to 56 days. On the other hand, if outdoors, harvesting generally starts at the end of September and continues until the beginning of October, a factor that helps to make this variety perfectly suited to supporting even cooler climates, since the life cycle of the plant tends to end before the actual cold weather arrives. In conclusion, it can be argued that this particular genetic, by virtue of its innate versatility, is well suited to both warm and temperate climates.

Particularly suited to the application of Sea of Green techniques, which aim to encourage the growth of a greater number of plants even in small environments, it offers an excellent yield in terms of productivity. When grown indoors, Orange Bud can produce up to 550 g of inflorescences per plant, which are extremely rich in active ingredients, terpenes and trichomes. Aesthetics are not unnoticed either. The characteristic intense orange colour of the pistils will make each bud extremely pleasant to look at and enjoy. In short, growing cannabis can undoubtedly be extremely satisfying from all points of view!

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